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The Benefits of CC SPF

Saturday , 23, May 2020 Comments Off on The Benefits of CC SPF


Closed-cell insulation spray foam gives structural strength, moisture protection, and thermal insulation. They also have air barrier like properties which are needed for comfort and conservation of energy. 

Now, for example, air leakage from the building envelope can cause wind effects leading to air leakage by driving air through and around the building. The wind creates a significant pressure difference that can pull a large volume of air in and out of the building, irrespective of it being well insulated. The air barrier of closed-cell spray foam considerably reduces wind effect and. 

An air barrier system using closed cell spray foam diminishes problems from the stack effect that takes place due to rising warm air that creates positive pressure against the top of the building and negative pressure at the bottom. 

Take summers, for example, the warm indoor air rises to the top of the building and escapes through electrical or vent pipes, plumbing, etc. the warm rising air causes reduction in pressure at the bottom of the structure drawing in fresh and cool air through the holes, gaps, and cracks that are not sealed well. During winters, the effect of the stack is reversed as the closed cell spray foam fulfills to fill in the cracks, gaps, and other holes creating an effective air barrier to considerably cut back on these effects. 

Closed-cell spray foam is a very efficient insulating material and it's the most recommended and reliable insulator amongst the large variety of insulators available in the market. 

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