What Are Plantation Shutters?

Shutters are increasing in popularity once again but there are so many different types that are available, knowing which one you would like or need can be quite difficult. One of the most popular versions is the Plantation Shutter that is often referred to like the wooden Shutter.

This type of shutter should not be confused with the colonial shutter as both as commonly white in color but in actual fact, they have only this in common.

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One of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked is about the origins of plantation variety. Any farm that grew cotton, sugar, coffee or tobacco would be referred to as a plantation.

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The summer months are oppressively hot whilst the winters remain mild. A rainy season is also a common feature and the combination of weather types means traditional windows that included heavy curtains and other furnishings would be inappropriate and lead to rooms and properties becoming stifling hot.

Wooden shutters were the ideal solution and relatively easy to maintain. They were a permanent fixture on the wall and the large slat size allowed for an increase in the movement of air.

When it comes to defining characteristics, the Plantation Shutter has large slats meaning that fewer are required in each shutter. When they are open, this maximizes the air flow but also allows a greater quantity of light to enter the room.

In the evenings or at night time, they can be closed which blocks out almost all the light as well as giving maximum privacy as offer greater security. They serve so many purposes that their popularity is likely to remain long into the future.