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Getting into real estate marketing can lead you to look for homes for sale. This market is one of the hottest ways to buy and sell houses as investors. When the real estate market continues to experience several different changes in market value, foreclosures continue to increase.

This opportunity in homes for sale is one of the easiest and almost risk-free ways, to start with real estate. Finding this foreclosed house for sale is one of the things you have to master very quickly. Here are some ways to find foreclosure homes for sale easily, and most are free.  If you want to buy a real estate you can check out Real estate Services in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit via

1. List of Newspapers

Homes for sale are not listed in ordinary real estate listings. They will be under the heading 'Public Notification'. This list contains information about the house, when the auction dates, and the address. You can start the trail of foreclosed homes for sale with a local paper in hand.

2. Public records

All notices of Sales Notices are held at the District Registrar's office. It is in the public domain and can be searched by anyone. Before you leave to find a house, make the County Clerk office the first stop. You will usually find the latest list before it is published in the newspaper or even get a real estate agent.

3. Bank

Banks will have their foreclosed houses archived with their Asset Manager. Talking with this person can give you a lot of information about recent homes in your area. Another advantage of working with this person is that you can also make an agreement to finance and buy a house at auction.

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