Scuba Diving In Malaysia

If you are looking for a scuba diving destination and you are considering the wonderful islands of Malaysia, you will be pleased to know that the most popular area in Malaysia where you can go scuba diving is in SIPADAN. This island is practical a legend among other divers both amateurs and veterans. Travelers and divers alike revel at the marine life that can be found within the waters of the beautiful island of SIPADAN.

There is no end to the diversity of beauty that you will find in SIPADAN, Malaysia. If you like watching turtles, you will be surprised to find that there are lots of them here. Scuba diving in Malaysia is great all year round, the water is warm and visibility is good.

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It will be such a treat to watch them for as long as you can. You would see them munching on algae or sponges. They are adorable and majestic creatures despite their size. The amount of macro life you will find in the waters of SIPADAN is overwhelming.

You will not realize the time that has passed while you admire these tiny creatures. SIPADAN is the most popular diving site in all of Malaysia. Barracuda Point Reef is a well known place for a lot of barracuda sightings. These barracuda sightings should not be taken lightly. It is just as dangerous as one might think.

It is a thrilling yet dangerous experience. Aside from barracudas, you can also see Grey reef sharks in this area.

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