Few Facets Of French Balconies

Aluminum has been adopted as a realistic alternative, but much easier to form than the iron so that the aluminum French balconies tend more functional design with less ornate than many alternatives iron.

In recent years some manufacturers have been pushing the boundaries of design French's balcony a little more, combining glass and other materials in a modern design. ‘Purchasing a French balcony’ (which is also called ‘Kjper en fransk balkong’ in the Norwegian language) is more suitable for modern architecture, with old houses and buildings prefer a more traditional iron version.

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Due to the influence of Europe French balconies and romantic heritage, small exterior areas become very popular among buyers greatly, especially those living in cities where space is at a premium exterior. Therefore, they can add significant value to your property if used and displayed correctly.

By installing fence planters, balcony boxes or hanging baskets, a French balcony space can quickly become a high-rise garden. It is not only practical for city dwellers but by adding live plants right outside the room, relaxing, natural atmosphere directly created, by bringing the outside in.

You may even vines wind between balusters, partially enclosed space with shaded trellis for more privacy, or cover the area with a glass window to form an impromptu greenhouse.