Cartilage Repair In Horses

Horses are amazing animals. As they have developed an innate survival mechanism, including the ability to mask the pain and continue as if nothing was wrong until things are too bad.

Showing weakness single them out for predators in the wild, unfortunately, hide it not benefit them in the world tamed. You can also browse to to get more information about cartilage repair in horses.

As an owner you might just get the feeling that things are not right, the performance level may drop or ugliness as usual or temperament problems arise. But, without anything to pin this on you tend to do, unwittingly aggravate the injury and cause trouble.

Man vs. Machine

Using military-derived technologies and techniques perfected over 30 years, the physiology of the horse can be objectively assessed, identify problems brewing.

All the animals are thermally symmetrical so that deviations from this show physiological processes change the overlay the site of injury or disease. Graphical mapping of the entire skin surface temperature by direct Veterinary Thermal Imaging dots problem areas.

Veterinarians and owners have felt and felt feet for centuries to measure the temperature difference associated with the injury. With the advent and application of technology, the level of accuracy and objectivity that can be achieved is far superior.

As objective thermal images and graphics to map the extent of the injury and the healing progress, the owners can review and assess treatment together with the Vet and physiotherapist them, get the horse back into work as soon as possible.