About Styling Your Wedding

Styling and decorating your event or wedding will infuse your own individual personality to the event. It will set the tone and can really make the difference between a truly elegant event and a minimalistic second-rate one. So whether your taste is modern or classic here are some tips to help you style your event.

Wedding Linen –

A common misconception and a recent fad is the use of the black table cloth. Let me just tell you black is the most unsuitable color for table linen. It saps the class out of your event and is unappetizing. To give your tables that extra pop, try playing with color in a different way. Colored table runner over white or ivory linen could be the key to adding that splash of color. Event Design – Miriam Avery select styling accessories and designs that echo your style and personality.

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Chair Covers

To cover or not to cover that is the question. Modern receptions which have been refurbished may not require the use of chair covers.

The chair cover has in the past been primarily used to cover mismatched chairs or chairs of poor quality. But more and more chair covers are used to maintain the color theme of the wedding and event.

The sashes you use around the chairs usually match the color of the bridesmaid's dresses or flowers. Most wedding reception venues can provide their own chair covers, usually in white or ivory.


Your wedding centerpieces should complement the style and theme of your event. The shape of your tables may also determine the wedding table centerpiece designs.

A single round wedding centerpiece will look elegant in the middle of a round table. For rectangular tables, a few smaller table centerpieces would look more aesthetically appealing. Varying the height and sizes of the centerpieces could also add a touch of elegance.


Wedding draping can transform your wedding reception venue into a romantic magical event. Whether the draping is cascading down the walls or a beautiful canopy on the ceiling of your reception or marquee or whether it is used as a backdrop it will make a dramatic impact can complement your theme and wedding styling.

Themes / Colour Schemes

The time of year or season is the most common factor when determining your wedding color theme. A spring wedding often symbolizes new life, rebirth or starting a new. Keep it light and airy with pastel colors such as pale pinks, yellows, purples, and blues to reflect the renewal of spring.

An autumn wedding often reflects the colors of the season such as burnt oranges, reds, burgundy, chocolate browns. Autumn is a beautiful and dynamic season which allows you to explore earthy tones.